May 5, 2020

How to Handle Mother’s Day After Divorce

Divorce does not mean Mother’s Day should be any less special. Here are a few tips to ensure you can enjoy this special holiday while maintaining a sense of normalcy for your children.

1. Plan ahead

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It’s important to be prepared in advance. Agreement on how to handle Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day, for that matter) should be included as part of your parenting plan. If at all possible, allow your children to spend as much time with Mom. Do not procrastinate logistics until the last minute. We love this article going over five co-parenting tools that will make your planning much easier:

2. Keep The Children’s Best Interest in Mind

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Keep your children on top of your priority list. If you’re struggling to come to a Mother’s Day custody agreement, consult a divorce coach to help instigate compromise. In the meantime, do not let your kids see or hear any of your arguments. This will only increase lingering feelings of personal guilt they might be experiencing. There is a sense of normalcy attached to having an annual Mother’s Day tradition. Although it might not involve a big family brunch with both parents, do your best to make the celebration memorable and routine in order to benefit your child’s sense of security.

3. Encourage Your Children To Show Their Appreciation

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Children sometimes need help and encouragement to express their appreciation for their parents, particularly when they are young. Even though you may not feel like sending off a Happy Mother’s Day card yourself, your children will. Remind them that a special day is coming up and see what they need. Perhaps you can take them shopping to pick out a gift, or ensure they have supplies so they can make their own card. These traditions will help instill habits of gratitude and strong character toward anyone going the extra mile for them.

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