Marietta Separation Agreement Lawyer

Along with a social agreement, a marriage also creates a legal bond between two people. For people who are contemplating a separation and are uncertain whether they want a divorce, a separation agreement may serve as a viable alternative to divorce and may allow the parties to separate while still fulfilling their legal obligations.

If you are seeking alternatives to a divorce, a Marietta separation agreement lawyer could help to explain your legal options. These agreements might handle issues regarding property distribution, support payments, and other essential elements of a marriage. A well-practiced attorney could help to draft an acceptable agreement and guide you through any period of separation.

The Difference Between a Separation Agreement and Divorce

Unfortunately, divorces are often long, costly, and contentious. Furthermore, after waiting for months or even years, both parties might not be satisfied with the court-ordered result. However, a voluntary separation agreement is a viable alternative to the divorce process until a final determination is made as to whether a divorce is necessary.

Separation agreements might cover many of the same topics as divorces. However, because the court does not get involved until an actual divorce action is filed, the impact on the family unit may not be as great. Because of the nuances of separation agreements, a Marietta attorney could help an individual to understand the function of these arrangements.

Common Issues Discussed in Marietta Separation Agreements

Because separation agreements function as alternatives to divorce, they must usually address the same matters in lieu of a divorce proceeding. Essentially, a separation agreement must work to resolve day-to-day issues and obligations during any period of separation of the parties, as well as address how property and obligations will be divided in the event of a future divorce. While courts will often divide marital assets in an objectively equitable fashion, a separation agreement could instead decide these allocations in a way that satisfies both spouses.

Common examples of these elements include the distribution of marital assets and debts, as well as the payment of spousal support. Furthermore, in limited and temporary circumstances, custody, visitation rights, and other issues regarding children may be included in separation agreement—however, these will have to be reviewed and approved by a court in order to be made permanent.

Seek the Services of a Marietta Separation Agreements Attorney

Along with the emotional strain, ending a marriage could also result in numerous legal issues. If you are seeking alternatives to divorce, consider contacting a Marietta separation agreements lawyer to see if a separation agreement is right for you.

While these agreements do not formally end a marriage, they might answer important questions concerning custody, distribution of assets, and any essential payments for support. To learn more about an agreement, call a knowledgeable attorney today.