Marietta Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

Georgia law usually considers both parties in a marriage to have equal rights to property obtained during a marriage. Therefore, if a marriage ends in divorce, a court has an obligation to distribute all marital assets in an equitable fashion. To protect themselves, many couples choose to enter into prenuptial agreements. If you are considering your legal options before entering a marriage, a Marietta prenuptial agreements lawyer could help you to understand the purposes and benefits of these agreements.

An agreement might serve to help both parties create trust and expectations before marriage, as well as provide certainty in the case of a future divorce. By working with a well-versed attorney, you could understand your legal rights and build an agreement that suits your needs.

How a Prenuptial Agreement Functions

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between people to agree on what will happen should their marriage end in divorce. While the family courts in Georgia have an obligation to make an equitable division in a divorce, such a division may not necessarily be considered fair to either or both parties.

Due to this, the primary function of this arrangement is to preliminarily agree upon how this would be accomplished, so that these issues would not be left for a court to decide.

Any complaint for divorce should thus include a copy of a prenuptial agreement and request that the court incorporate their terms into the divorce proceedings. In addition to the legal effect of these agreements, it might also have a beneficial psychological effect upon the signers. To discuss the full possibilities of this arrangement, consider contacting a Marietta prenuptial agreement lawyer.

Common Issues Covered in Prenuptial Agreements

As mentioned above, prenuptial agreements serve the legal function of deciding many matters that would otherwise be considered during the divorce process. As a result, most issues that are resolved by a court during divorce proceedings are eligible topics for prenuptial agreements.

Typical elements include the division of assets and any debts, the payment of alimony, and pension allocation, among others. Virtually any matter to which the two parties could come to an agreement regarding may be included in a prenuptial agreement – except for issues regarding future child custody and child support. Because of their broad nature, the full details of a prenuptial agreement could be explained and organized by an experienced attorney in Marietta.

Call A Marietta Prenuptial Agreements Attorney for Help

While many people view prenuptial agreements as a sign of distrust, the opposite is often true. An agreement might work as a preventative measure surrounding the allocation and division of assets and spousal support before disputes could arise. If you are looking to build an agreement before marriage, a Marietta prenuptial agreements lawyer could help you to evaluate your needs.

Whether you are looking for an agreement to protect your assets in case of a potential divorce or are simply looking to build trust in a pending marriage, a seasoned and understanding attorney could prove to be a valuable ally. To learn more about these your options, call a legal professional today.