Marietta Family Lawyer

Every individual has family issues and disputes from time to time. But in some cases, family problems may require professional assistance. Issues such as divorces, custody, child support, alimony, and premarital agreements are all complex and may require the support of a qualified lawyer.

A Marietta family lawyer could help people like you with their family law matters. Our attorneys are skilled in dealing with all sorts of family law problems. A highly qualified attorney could sit down with you and review your case, providing you with the assistance you need.

Common Family Law Matters

Family law issues encompass a wide variety of potential matters. A Marietta family lawyer can help individuals with legal issues including the following:

Each of these family law issues requires a different approach. Those who need assistance may benefit from consulting a knowledgeable family attorney in Marietta who is experienced in different aspects of family law.

Solving Issues Out of Court

In some situations, family law issues may be settled out of court, either through arbitration or private negotiations. Although many people are unfamiliar with arbitration, it may be an excellent way to resolve problems. Using this method, every party in a dispute meets with an arbiter who talks with them and encourages them to come to an agreement. Courts may also order binding arbitration, in which an agreement or compromise reached during the arbitration is incorporated into a court order.

Negotiations may be another way to resolve family law issues out of court. For example, both sides may be able to come to an agreement on divorce-related issues or other potentially contentious matters through negotiations with their attorneys. In all of these situations, individuals may benefit from the guidance of a Marietta family lawyer who is able to communicate their wants and needs clearly to come to the best resolution possible.

Court Hearings in Marietta

Sometimes court hearings or trials are necessary to resolve family law problems. Individuals should be aware that they have certain rights they may waive if they do not exercise them during a hearing or trial. For example, in many instances, if a person does not formally object to testimony or other evidence, they waive their right to dispute it later.

Get in Touch with a Marietta Family Attorney

Family law matters can span a wide range of issues. Some are relatively simple while others are more complex than they seem. In all of these situations, you want to be sure to have an experienced lawyer on your side to possibly secure the best outcome and to avoid any unforeseen issues.

A Marietta family lawyer has just the sort of experience you need. We know how to deal with a wide range of family law issues and could use our knowledge to help you obtain the best possible result. Give us a call today to learn more about how a seasoned legal professional could help you with your family legal issues.