Forsyth County Spousal Support Lawyer

Of all the negotiations during a divorce, the issue of spousal support is often the most contentious. Also known as alimony, this discussion of pecuniary support might quickly become overwhelming if you do not have professional legal representation to guide you through it.

If you are in the middle of or about to enter negotiations regarding spousal support, a Forsyth County spousal support lawyer might be able to help. Having the skills and knowledge of a family attorney on your side could help protect your interests and financial well-being during this difficult process.

How Does Spousal Support Work?

There are two primary goals of spousal support, both of which might help a person potentially facing drastic changes following a divorce. A seasoned Forsyth County spousal support attorney could help explain the nuances of this system to an individual in the midst of a divorce.

The first purpose of spousal support is to ensure that a person who was financially dependent on their spouse during a marriage is not left with severe pecuniary losses after their divorce is finalized. This may be particularly important after long marriages when spouses might find reentering the workforce difficult due to an obsolete skill set.

The second primary goal of spousal support is to compensate a spouse for any non-economic benefits that they brought into a marriage—for example, maintaining a home and raising children. Essentially, this support is a way the law could compensate a spouse for the time and energy they gave to a marriage.

The Four Types of Spousal Support

To further the aforementioned goals of spousal support, there are four different kinds of alimony payments that could be granted to a person during a divorce case. Each of these aims to support one or both of the primary goals of alimony in some way.

Reimbursement support is meant to reimburse a spouse for their unpaid contributions to their marriage, perhaps at the expense of their own professional career and ambitions. In a similar vein, rehabilitative alimony aims to provide a financially-dependent spouse a temporary source of income as they learn the skills needed to reenter the workforce and become self-sufficient.

Similar to rehabilitative support, limited duration spousal support is meant to give a financially-insecure spouse aid as they get back on their feet, but with a finite duration to how long payments will continue. Conversely, permanent spousal support may be appropriate if an extended marriage ends and it is unlikely for a financially-dependent spouse to become self-sufficient. In these cases, these payments may be made until either of the spouses passes away or remarries.

How Support is Calculated in Forsyth County

Unlike many other states, Georgia does not use a strict formula for determining how much needs to be paid in alimony or long the payments need to last. Instead, the decision is largely left up to a judge’s discretion and is made based on a number of factors, such as the need of the financially-dependent spouse and the ability of the financially secure spouse to pay. Additional considerations include:

  • The age of both spouses
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The financial situation of each spouse
  • The physical health of each spouse
  • The ability of a financially-insecure spouse to get a job after the divorce
  • The services that a financially-insecure spouse provided to the marriage without pay

Because this process could seem vague or confusing in Forsyth County, the advocacy of a spousal support lawyer could make a significant difference in the outcome of a legal case for a person seeking fair treatment.

Talk with a Forsyth County Spousal Support Attorney Today

While negotiations over spousal support can be difficult and emotional to engage in, they are typically important issues to resolve so that you may move on with your life. However, this process of negotiation might prove confusing and overwhelming if you are underprepared or underrepresented.

By talking to a Forsyth County spousal support lawyer, you could better understand how the support system operates and work to resolve disputes with your best interests in mind. Call a skilled family attorney today to find out how legal counsel may benefit you.