Forsyth County Father’s Rights Lawyer

It is no longer an assumption that a Forsyth County judge will grant custody of children to a mother, nor is it assumed that fathers must pay child support or alimony to their former spouse. Changes in Georgia law now place all parents on an equal legal footing.

A Forsyth County father’s rights lawyer could help to explain your parental obligations and legal options. Retaining a well-practiced family attorney to champion your case could be the best decision you could make when seeking to uphold your rights.

Laws Concerning Father’s Rights

In the past, it was assumed that a court would always grant custody of children in any family dispute to the mother. While this bias used to be enforced in various court rulings, the current law specifically states that a person’s gender plays no role in determining vital questions concerning a child’s future.

Official Code of Georgia §19-9-3(a)(1) dictates that both parents have an equal chance to obtain custody of their children. Since the court must only consider what is best for the child when developing a custody plan, fathers have the same chance as mothers to demonstrate their fitness as parents and to ask for sole or joint custody over their children.

If a court grants sole or primary physical custody to a father, the mother would then to be required to pay child support. Either parent who fails to do so can face harsh penalties. A Forsyth County attorney could help fathers to evaluate their rights under the law.

Helping Men Determine Child Support Obligations

While all parents must support their children, it may be more accurate to say that all fathers have an obligation to support their biological children. While many men choose to support children they have no biological relation to, they have no legal requirement to do so. As such, it is essential to establish the paternity of a child in support or custody disputes.

In order to receive custody, men may have to prove that they are the biological father of the child in question. While a court will assume that the husband is the father of children born during a marriage, fathers of children born to unmarried parents may need to take a paternity test to establish their parental rights.

There are also scenarios where a man might wish to contest their paternal relation to a child. While numerous men find themselves paying support to children who are not theirs by law, biological parents are typically obliged under the law to provide support.

As provided by O.C.G.A. §19-7-43, any parent may ask for a paternity test to establish the identity of the father. A Forsyth County lawyer could work to meet a father’s needs concerning paternity and their parental rights.

How a Forsyth County Father’s Rights Attorney Could Help

Modern family courts are required by law to treat people of all genders equally when it comes to their parental rights. A Forsyth County father’s rights lawyer could help you fight for your rights to determine your child’s future and to provide a loving home life.

Legal counsel could also help with matters of paternity and child support payment disputes. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.