Forsyth County Divorce Lawyer

Negotiating a legal separation from a spouse and working to protect your rights could be draining and stressful for all parties involved. If there are children from the marriage, additional stress may be present about how to ensure they are cared for during and after a separation.

If you are in any stage of a divorce process, you might wish to speak a with Forsyth County divorce lawyer about how best to proceed. Hiring a dedicated family attorney could give you peace of mind that you will be represented by skilled legal counsel who will advise you through each step of the process and fight on your behalf.

The Divorce Process in Forsyth County

Any divorce has several distinct issues that might be covered. While not all divorce cases encapsulate all these issues, there are few such cases that can be resolved without negotiations of at least one such issue. Some of the most prominent articles to be discussed include the division of monetary assets, as well as the financial and physical care of any children under the age of 18.

Additional issues to solve include dividing property, alimony, child custody, and child support. An experienced Forsyth County divorce attorney could help break a case down into distinct issues to mitigate the potentially overwhelming nature of this process.

Dividing Property

In Georgia divorces, a judge investigates where property came from during the marriage—as well as the unique nature of the marital relationship—before trying to divide the property. Through this process, any property that was acquired by each spouse during a marriage is supposed to be distributed equitably during their divorce.


Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a post-divorce payment plan in which a financially secure party provides economic assistance to their financially dependent former spouse. These payments are made to ensure both spouses can maintain a lifestyle similar to what they had during the marriage. After a long marriage—and depending on the specifics of a case—alimony payments might be substantial and long-lasting.

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

When there are children from a marriage and those children are still underage, custody arrangements must be arranged during divorce negotiations. Where the children will stay and how often the non-custodial parent can visit them are important issues to resolve, and they might become emotional and contentious as a result. A seasoned divorce lawyer in Forsyth County could help navigate this delicate process by advising a separating spouse through each step.

Child Support

If there are marital children, the divorce process typically must also include negotiation over financial support for those children. Similar to alimony, this is usually established through regular payments from one spouse to the other. These payments usually come from the non-custodial parent with the aim of compensating the custodial parent for the typical costs of raising children in their home.

Modifying a Separation Order

Contrary to popular belief, the specifics of a divorce decree are not always set in stone. In other words, the determinations usually account for financial change after a divorce—and those changes, when significant, might impact a person’s ability to fulfill the obligations assigned to them by the court.

When those obligations become arduous or impossible to meet, a modification to a divorce decree might relieve some financial strain on an individual while still leading to a mutually beneficial outcome for other parties. However, a request for modification might also be unwarranted and could lead to an unfair burden on the ex-spouse with primary custody of children.

Look to a Forsyth County Divorce Attorney for Help

The legal process of separation can be difficult to manage practically and emotionally overwhelming, requiring an understanding of the court system as well as advocacy to protect your individual rights. Beyond navigating the legal system, the stakes may include your livelihood, financial wellbeing, and rights to parenting.

By advising and representing you through every step of the process, a compassionate Forsyth County divorce lawyer could work tirelessly to keep your rights protected during your divorce. To learn more about how legal counsel might help during this difficult time, reach out today.