Forsyth County Child Support Lawyer

When spouses with children pursue a divorce, negotiations will usually involve consideration of child support payments. While both parents may want what is best for their children, the specific amount of these payments might become contentious.

If you are caught up in the process of a divorce, retaining a Forsyth County child support lawyer might prove beneficial. By enlisting the aid of a skilled family attorney, you could work to ensure your child gets the financial help they require, while preserving your rights and interests before and after a divorce.

How is Child Support Calculated in Forsyth County?

An important component of family law that is often overlooked is the fact that child support is meant to financially support the child, not the parent. By requiring the non-custodial parent—the parent who has less parenting time—to make regular payments to the other parent after a divorce, the law aims to ensure that the child maintains the lifestyle they were accustomed to during the marriage.

In Forsyth County, the amount of child support required is calculated by a formula outlined in Official Code of Georgia §19-6-15. This method considers components, such as the parents’ joint income and parenting time with the child, as well as the child’s age and unique needs.

A court’s determination of pay will often be based this formula, and convincing the court to deviate from it could prove difficult. Whether a person agrees with the determined payments or not, an experienced Forsyth County child support attorney could help them consider their legal standing and how best to proceed with support payments.

Taxes Attached to Child Support

An often-overlooked aspect of child support is how it would impact the taxes of both parents. Essentially, a parent paying child support in Forsyth County cannot deduct these payments from their taxable income, nor are the payments are taxable for the parent receiving them.

While this process may seem simple, correctly labeling post-divorce payments as child support could prove tricky, and a mistake might be costly. A child support lawyer could help explain the specifics of post-divorce payments and review any relevant forms before they are submitted.

Modifications to Payment Obligations

If a person’s financial circumstances change substantially after their divorce, any child support obligation they have could become difficult to maintain. Fortunately, modifying a child support obligation may be an option and might help a struggling parent make ends meet.

However, convincing a court to alter the terms of a previously-established child support obligation may not be easy, as courts are often wary of a parent trying to save their own money at the expense of their child’s interests. The advocacy skills of a dedicated attorney could be an asset for any parent suffering from pecuniary damages after a divorce.

Enforcing a Child Support Order

In some cases, people who are legally required to provide financial support for the upbringing of their children do not take those responsibilities seriously. If a parent tries to ignore their legal responsibilities or pay less than the court-appointed amount of child support, a child support lawyer could help pursue them for appropriate payments. Enforcing a modified child support order—or defending the original order if the other parent requests an unfair modification—could be key to ensuring a child gets the financial support they need from both of their parents.

A Forsyth County Child Support Attorney Could Provide Professional Help

Child support goes beyond just the needs of divorcing parents to ensure the financial security of their child or children. Unfortunately, child support could be misused as a tool for personal agendas or unwarranted financial benefits. Measures to protect against these techniques could be bolstered by a skillful Forsyth County child support lawyer.

If retained, a family attorney could work tirelessly to protect your finances, while still providing for the children. For a consultation and further information of how you could receive help with this process, contact an attorney today.