Forsyth County Physical Custody Lawyer

As defined by Forsyth County law, physical custody determines a schedule for estranged parents to have time with their shared children. It may be issued as either sole or joint custody.

The amount of time both parents get to spend with their children is typically highly contested during court proceedings. There are many factors which can come up when determining the physical custody of shared kids that can ultimately lead to further contention. For this reason, it is best to enlist the help of a seasoned child custody attorney when pursuing more time with shared kids. A skilled Forsyth County physical custody lawyer could help a claimant understand the varying types of child-sharing arrangements before entering litigation.

Financial Responsibilities

Financial responsibilities associated with physical custody typically entail drafting a child support order based on both parents’ incomes. The parent with lower income is likely to receive child support from the parent with higher wages. It is both parties’ financial responsibility to provide for their kids, but in most cases, one parent pays child support to the other for their childcare expenses.

If divorced parents have equal time with their kids, the one who earns more money will likely have more expenses. It follows that a parent who has their children more than 50 percent of the time will incur costs associated with feeding them, buying them clothes, or enrolling them in extracirricular activities may receive child support payments from their former partner. A parent’s assets and financial standing could also change after a divorce trial, so it is crucial to anticipate monetary obstacles in order to adequately care for dependant children. Fortunately, a well-versed Forsyth County physical custody attorney could help a parent understand what to expect from pursuing a child support order.

Circumstances that Warrant a Modification

In order to modify a physical custody order, a parent must cite the other’s or have personally undergone a material change in circumstances. Any material change in circumstances that sufficiently impacts a parent’s caring capacity for their kids may warrant a modification to physical custody. A skilled Forsyth County physical custody attorney could help parents discern whether their circumstances qualify for an order modification.

Physical Custody and Child Support

Child support amounts are determed by both parents’ degrees of physical custody. If parties share parenting time 50-50, child support may be reduced as a result. A parent who has more time with their kids than the other is likely to be receive more child support. Budgeting your finances based on the effects that physical custody has on child support payments may be difficult without guidance from an experienced Forsyth County lawyer.

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A seasoned legal advocate could ensure that the best interests of the involved children are upheld in court. This process must be about the kids and who will be caring for them rather than what parents want. Custody litigation should not be about hurting the other parent by taking time away from them. For help with representing your children’s best interests in court, get in touch with a dedicated Forsyth County physical custody lawyer today.