Forsyth County Child Custody Issues

Some common issues that arise in Forsyth County child custody cases deal with the educational and medical needs of the children in question. It is imperative to consider and uphold the kids’ best interests when Forsyth County child custody issues come up.

Additionally, unreasonable parents who just want to fight or stir things up can make litigation especially traumatic for involved children. A seasoned child custody attorney could advise parents on how to protect their kids’ best interests and avoid pushing their own agendas at their children’s expense.

Problems After Establishing a Custody Arrangement

Sometimes, a parent makes a bad agreement to get a better financial settlement. For example, one parent might agree to have 50-50 parenting time with their kids thinking that the other will not exercise their visitation rights. However, if the other parent does take the kids half the time but fails to do the things that they should ⁠— like taking them to extracurricular activities or ensuring that they are getting their homework done ⁠— the children would suffer because of it. The parent who agreed to the bad arrangement could subsequently try to modify their custody order but may be unable to show that there has been a material change in circumstances. For this reason, it is important to implement a custody order that actually meets the children’s needs to avoid having to litigate out of a legally binding bad decision.

Scheduling Disagreements

Some custody issues involve scheduling disagreements. For instance, a parenting plan which is not specific about days and times for pickups and drop-offs may incite conflict between parents who cannot get along. Making sure that a parenting plan is detailed, logical, and within the kids’ best interests can help mitigate Forsyth County child custody issues. The best way to avoid scheduling disagreements is to make parenting time as specific as possible and tighten up the language so that there is no room for misinterpretation.

The Signficance of a Child’s Age when Deciding Custody

Children ages 11 to 13 may voice their opinions in court about which parent they would prefer to live with on a regular basis. While the court is not bound by that, a judge would give deference to the child’s preference so long as it complies with their best interests. Children ages 14 and older can decide which of their parents to live with, but may only do so once every two years.

While the best interest standard always applies in Forsyth County child custody issues, a judge is more likely to grant children’s wishes as they get older. For instance, 15, 16, and 17 year olds are especially likely to have their preferences legitemized by the tribunal.

The Role of an Attorney in Forsyth County Child Custody Issues

During Forsyth County child custody issues, an attorney could help identify the more involved parent, advise one party on whether they should ask for the appointment of a guardian ad litem, and request psychological evaluations. There are a lot of things that a lawyer could do behind the scenes to assist a parent in preparing for such an important trial. For more information on available legal options, reach out to our firm today.