Forsyth County Family Lawyer

Some of the most potentially emotional and difficult legal cases are those that involve family. Even if each party involved agrees about the purpose of a family court case, they still must follow strict rules and specific procedures to accomplish their goals. In certain cases, loved ones may need to overcome a legal dispute in order to protect their rights and, often, the future of their children.

If you are entering or involved in a legal dispute with a loved one, a Forsyth County family lawyer could help you navigate the complex court system, identify your rights under the law, and take the necessary steps to represent your interests in court. A dedicated attorney could help you with a variety of matters, ranging from divorces and separation agreements to those regarding child support and custody.

Types of Family Disputes

Familial and marriage relationships are legal bonds as well as personal relationships. This means that associated disputes must consider the obligations and duties of each party. For example, Georgia is an equitable division state, which means property acquired during the marriage may be considered to be owned by both spouses, and may not necessarily be divided equally in a divorce.

However, a divorce is only one of many types of cases that a family court may consider. In addition, the Superior Court in Forsyth County might hear a variety of family law cases, including but not limited to spousal support, child custody issues, and child support disputes. An experienced Forsyth County family attorney could help a person facing legal disputes with a loved one to understand their rights and how they may be protected during a possible trial.

What is a Lawyer’s Role?

Cases in family courts are often complex, and the laws that apply to and concern families might be among the most difficult to understand. As such, a mistake at any stage of these legal proceedings could delay a person’s case and have a severe negative impact on their rights. The first step to take in any such case is to determine which court has the authority to hear the case.

The next step involves identifying each party’s goals. For example, some matters may be new cases in court, such as an unwed parent attempting to establish a child support order against the other parent. In these cases, a plaintiff must author and submit a complaint with the court that outlines their demands and initiates a court case.

In other scenarios, however, a family lawyer in Forsyth County may become involved in an already-established case. This could happen if, for example, one party accuses their ex-spouse of failing to provide court-ordered financial support. Here, legal counsel could help gather evidence explaining why a client was—or was not—in contempt of an order to provide this support.

How a Forsyth County Family Attorney Could Help

A family law dispute could encompass anything from the need to end a marriage to the establishment of court-ordered support, to a negotiation over a custody order. The outcome of these cases could have a serious impact on your life, so it could be vital to protect your interests and those of your loved ones by speaking with a Forsyth County family lawyer.

By retaining a dedicated attorney, you could work to identify your needs, take steps to gather evidence, and initiate a persuasive case in court. To see how an attorney might be able to help you, reach out today to schedule an initial consultation.