Cobb County Spousal Support Lawyer

In addition to the stresses of a divorce proceeding, negotiations can become further complicated by issues related to alimony, also known as spousal support. In many cases, discussing how to protect the lifestyle of the financially-dependent spouse brings up the same emotions that originally led to the divorce.

If you are involved in negotiations over alimony, you might benefit from the counsel of a Cobb County spousal support lawyer. The nuances of this alimony process might be difficult to navigate alone if you are underprepared or underrepresented, but by working with a skilled family lawyer, you could work to understand and preserve your legal rights.

Aid for Financial Insecurity in Cobb County

Over the course of a marriage, spouses usually become accustomed to a particular standard of living. Deviations from this lifestyle could lead to significant financial insecurity for a spouse, especially if that income is earned predominantly or exclusively by the other spouse.

In the event of a divorce, the dependent spouse may fear being left with a much smaller portion of the family’s income. As a result, the financially-dependent spouse could face immediate pecuniary trouble to make ends meet and suffer a serious setback in their previously accustomed life.

Spousal support aims to rectify these potential situations by providing a source of income that seeks to lessen the blow of a divorce for a financially dependent spouse. A knowledgeable Cobb County spousal support attorney could help explain the intricacies of this system to a spouse on either end of a divorce.

Circumstances for Awarding Spousal Support

Even if there is a financially-dependent spouse involved in a divorce, that does not necessarily mean the court would always award spousal support to that party. There are numerous elements that could impact the amount of alimony that a court determines should be paid, or even if any should be paid at all.

One of these factors is the nature of the relationship between the spouses and the reasons behind the deterioration of the marriage. For example, in cases involving adultery or abandonment by a financially dependent spouse, a judge may refuse to award support to a spouse seeking this financial aid. A spousal support lawyer in Cobb County might be able to help a divorcing spouse by gathering relevant evidence and presenting it to the court in a way that protects their best interests.

How a Cobb County Spousal Support Lawyer Could Help

If you are working through alimony negotiations, you may be dealing with high levels of stress and confused about how to proceed. By advocating on your behalf during this process, a Cobb County spousal support lawyer could help you pursue the financial support necessary to preserve your livelihood.

The impact that a dedicated family attorney could have in these negotiations could be significant. However, underrepresentation could minimize the payments that you may need, which could put your financial security in jeopardy. For more information about how legal counsel may be beneficial to you, call today.