Cobb County Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can be an overwhelming and emotional process in a variety of respects, not only because of the potentially stressful negotiations but also due to the impact the outcome may have on your life moving forward. If you are involved in this process, a Cobb County divorce lawyer could prove to be an invaluable asset.

Whether you are considering a separation, in the middle of a divorce action, or are now facing a modification to a previously-established divorce decree, the legal process can be difficult to navigate. By working with a skilled family attorney, you could proactively work to protect your rights and alleviate the stresses of the legal system.

The Elements of a Divorce Case

Divorces are often complex disputes that involve a collection of important issues, each one of which could have potentially serious repercussions on both parties and their families. Some of the most contentious elements during the legal dissolution of marriage involve:

  • Dividing any property acquired during the marriage
  • Determining who will have custody of any children, as well as how much parenting time a noncustodial parent will have
  • Allotting child support payments from a noncustodial parent to split the costs of raising a child as evenly as possible
  • Payments of spousal support—also known as alimony—to ensure financially dependent spouses can maintain a lifestyle close to what they had during the marriage

Understanding these smaller disputes within a divorce is often a key part of reaching a final agreement that is comprehensive and mutually beneficial. Knowledgeable Cobb County divorce attorneys could help spouses struggling with this overwhelming process to navigate each step and pursue a positive outcome to their case.

Mediating Uncontested Cases in Cobb County

While all divorces are technically contested until fully settled, many involve both spouses agreeing to end the marriage and on various aspects of how that split will proceed. These are known as uncontested divorces in Cobb County.

Because of their amicable nature, uncontested divorces tend to not need a formal litigation process to be adequately resolved. Instead, uncontested divorces might come to a mutually-beneficial agreement through the process of mediation. Even if a mediated divorces fail to resolve all the issues that two spouses have and litigation becomes necessary anyway, mediation might help settle some of the spouses’ initial disputes.

It could also reduce the time and money that would otherwise be spent bringing a divorce case to trial. By preparing with a spouse before and after a mediation session, a Cobb County divorce lawyer could help a party determine what they want out of the process and work to give them the negotiation skills needed to bring that goal to fruition.

Work with a Cobb County Divorce Attorney

Whether you are in the middle of divorce negotiations or are simply thinking about starting them, this time in your life is probably overwhelming and you may be unsure of how to proceed. In this situation, it could prove beneficial to reach out to a Cobb County divorce lawyer to take stock of your legal options.

Especially at a stressful time like this, retaining a compassionate family attorney could be key to protecting your rights, reducing the strain on your life, and giving you peace of mind. Call today to learn how a skilled legal professional could help you.