Benefits of an Atlanta Spousal Support Attorney

Qualified advice while negotiating or trying a case before a judge or jury is one of many benefits of an Atlanta spousal support attorney. Additionally, a legal representative will understand the potential hurdles that may come up during litigation, especially in a modification action, and will be familiar with a jurisdiction’s nuances. A seasoned spousal support lawyer could guide a claimant seeking to obtain a successful outcome.

A person does not have to have a lawyer when seeking spousal support payments in Atlanta. Litigants can represent themselves, but it is not suggested that they do. A claimant will have better chances for success if they retain a lawyer who knows relevant laws and is familiar with the court system and its requirements.

Ensuring Fairness in Spousal Support

The benefits of an Atlanta spousal support attorney include their advocacy for fairness when determining payments. Depending on which party they represent, a legal representative can help identify their financial ability to pay as well as their needs by analyzing income levels and assets.

Qualified legal counsel could help a person being asked to pay spousal support by examining their employment situation, particularly if they are self-employed, and any possible changes to that in the future. They will also determine their cash flow, their ability to pay, the components of their income, payment schedule, and whether they can afford to fulfill these obligations.

Alternatively, they could help someone asking for spousal support determine their reasonable needs based on their expenses. They could help a claimant analyze their expenses and ensure the accuracy of their financial affidavit. A lawyer may also advise them to consider the likelihood of a change in circumstances at the conclusion of their divorce and help them minimize their expenses or make appropriate adjustments.

Serving as a Mediator

There are also circumstances that warrant an attorney to serve as a mediator between disputing marital parties. As long as they do not represent either party, a lawyer can mediate the parties in reaching a resolution for their disputed matters between them. Anything said to that representative will most likely be confidential.

Alternatives to Spousal Support

If a person is recently divorced, there are alternatives to spousal support payments. Depending on the overall financial status of a marital estate in a divorce situation, property division could be adjusted to afford the receiving spouse significant income stability so they can support themselves without additional contributions. Alternatively, a recipient spouse may be awarded additional assets as part of the property division instead of direct support payments.

Avoid Discussing Financial Circumstances

In a spousal support situation, a person would want to avoid discussing their income and their financial circumstances with their former partner. They should not reveal that they have had a positive change since their divorce. For example, driving a newer car, living in a larger and more expensive house, taking trips, and flying first class would likely indicate a significant lifestyle change. Revealing an improvement in a claimant’s financial circumstances could lead the opposing party to seek an increase in support payments. One of the benefits of an Atlanta spousal support attorney is having professional guidance throughout the legal process, which can help a claimant avoid making simple errors which may jeopardize their case.