Atlanta Mother’s Rights Lawyer

During a divorce negotiation or custody dispute, a mother might fear that her relationship with her child may be compromised. These legal proceedings can be difficult and contentious, especially when so much is at stake.

If you are in the process of disputing custody, an Atlanta mother’s rights lawyer might be able to help. By listening to your circumstances, a compassionate attorney could help to fight for your rights, as well as those of your child.

Mothers Have Automatic Parental Rights

In Atlanta, mothers have a slight advantage over fathers when it comes to parenting rights. Throughout Georgia, the law grants a mother full custody and parental rights over her child from birth, no matter her marital status. Fathers, on the other hand, only share this automatic right when they are married to the mother of their children.

Therefore, unmarried fathers have no legal rights to their children until they go through the paternity and legitimation process. Essentially, the law requires a father to prove that he is both the biological parent of the child and that he has, or intends to have, a relationship with the child before a judge allows him to have custody or visitation rights. A mother’s rights lawyer could help to explain these nuances to a client during negotiations.

Issues Affecting Maternal Rights in Atlanta

There are numerous circumstances where a mother might require legal assistance. No matter the circumstances, however, a dedicated Atlanta attorney could help to explain a mother’s rights and work tirelessly to protect them.

Child Custody and Visitation

While mothers may start out with custodial rights over their children, they often end up sharing these rights with their child’s father. However, a well-versed legal professional might be able to help a mother to negotiate a custody agreement that determines where their children will live, and protect their right to make decisions on their behalf.

Child Support and Alimony Payments

Mothers who have primary physical custody of their children are usually entitled to child support. Married mothers may also be entitled to a temporary or permanent award of alimony after their divorce. However, it is important that a mother has properly calculated these payments and ensures that they are being properly paid.

Domestic Violence Issues

Some mothers and their children suffer domestic violence at the hands of the father. By requesting a restraining order or injunction, a woman could take an active role in keeping her family safe. Furthermore, an instance of domestic violence might be used to alter the amount of contact a father has with their children.

Modifications and Enforcement

Parenting agreements, child custody arrangements, and financial support requirements may change over time. With the help of a well-practiced attorney, a mother could work to modify an agreement that no longer fits their needs. Furthermore, if the required support payments are not being made, a motion could be filed to hold the at-fault individual responsible.

Speak with an Atlanta Mother’s Rights Attorney

If you are in the middle of a legal family dispute, you may be overwhelmed and confused. However, an Atlanta mother’s rights lawyer might be able to help.

A caring and seasoned attorney who understands the challenges you face may prove to be a vital ally. Call today to begin the process of fighting for your paternal rights.