Atlanta Family Violence Lawyer

Cases of family violence are taken very seriously at Marple Rubin Family Law, and we believe strongly that everyone should feel safe in their own home. As former prosecutors, our team of attorneys have extensive experience with domestic violence issues. We have filed domestic violence petitions and obtained numerous restraining orders on behalf of our clients who are victims of domestic violence.

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We know that the first step is often times the most difficult and will help guide you through the next steps. Although most domestic violence cases have merit, we have also seen this system used inappropriately and have successfully defended clients against false allegations of domestic violence. If you are a victim of abuse, or of false allegations, Marple Rubin Family Law will aggressively defend your rights.

We will use any and all resources available to help our clients. Call Marple Rubin Family Law if you have any questions or wish to meet for a consultation. For additional resource materials and hotline help, please visit The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence at 1.800.33.HAVEN.  (