Children in the Atlanta Divorce Process

Divorce can be especially complicated and challenging when it involves children. Parents who wish to divorce but also maintain relationships with their children should speak with an experienced attorney about how to properly account for children in the Atlanta divorce process. A lawyer could help you prepare for the legal divorce process and minimize your children’s exposure to litigation to spare them any unnecessary trauma or emotional stress. Also, a legal professional could help you be better equipped to protect your children’s best interests.

Considerations for Children in Atlanta Divorce Cases

The best interests of the children should be the primary focus in any divorce case that involves children. Every case is different in terms of facts and circumstances, but the legislature provides 17 relevant factors to help judges make that determination.

A judge determines whether someone is a fit parent by evaluating any mental health issues, substance abuse problems, or domestic violence, as well as considers whether placing the child in one parent’s primary custody, is in their best interests. Children in some divorce cases, depending on how old they are, can tell the judge their preference as to which parent they wish to live with on a primary basis. Additionally, one parent might use their financial resources to sway their children. The court, guardian ad litem, or other custody professional evaluates the situation to decide whether the child wants to live with the parent who has always cared for them or with the parent who buys them expensive gifts.

The Role of an Attorney in Divorce Cases Involving Children

There are numerous benefits of a lawyer when considering one’s children in the Atlanta divorce process. There are many recommendations a divorce lawyer can make to promote the protection of the children and their best interests through discussions with opposing counsel. For example, if a child is struggling with the parents’ divorce, the attorney could recommend an excellent child therapist who can talk to the child about their feelings and emotions.

The court could separate the parties, so the children are not present when their parents are fighting with each other at home. An attorney can work to mitigate the overall tenure and tone of the case with one of the parties to avoid a situation that may rise to a level of outbursts or violence.

Determining Custody in Atlanta

A judge determines child custody based on the best interests of the children, which depend on the specific facts and circumstances of the case. There is no default custody to a mother or father in Atlanta, instead, it depends on which parent has been the primary caregiver to the child, the emotional attachments between parent and child, and other factors.

Potential Issues with Children in a Divorce

When children are involved in a divorce, a judge could take great care in their well being by prohibiting parents from involving children in the litigation.

Atlanta courts dislike it when children are involved in litigation and seek to protect children from the impact thereof. The extent to which the court or any professional in a divorce case or modification case wants to see a child involved in litigation is when a child of a certain age expresses a preference about with which parent they want to live. A knowledgeable attorney could help stand up for children’s safety and well being during divorce cases in Atlanta.

Call an Attorney to Learn More About Children in the Atlanta Divorce Process

If you would like to know how you can divorce your spouse while protecting your children’s well being, call a skilled lawyer today. An attorney could educate you about what to expect from litigation as well as how children in the Atlanta divorce process could be affected. To learn more about what steps to take to promote your children’s best interests, contact a legal representative today.