Process of Determining Child Support in Atlanta

Child support payments are not always easy to determine, especially in cases involving high contention between divorced parents. If you are about to undergo the process of determining child support in Atlanta, let a seasoned attorney help prepare you for court hearings and litigation. You should enter this process well-informed and educated about how child support is determined, so call today to learn more.

What to Bring to an Initial Child Support Meeting

It is important to bring all relevant information when going to a child support meeting. A person should bring documents such as tax returns, pay stubs, W-2s as well as receipts showing nanny expenses, extracurricular activities, work-related child care, summer camps, and private school expenses to their initial child support meeting. All these factors will be considered during the process of determining child support in Atlanta.

How Long Does the Process of Determining Child Support Payments Take?

The process of determining child support in Atlanta can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year. If parties can agree on an amount to pay, it can take as little as a few weeks. However, if they are contentious and litigating everything, it can take up to a year. Regardless of how parties behave during this process, a steadfast attorney could help them prepare for negotiations in order to catalyze a favorable outcome.

Which Parties Need to be Informed About the Child Support Meetings?

A person should be prepared to inform employers, healthcare providers, therapy providers, and school officials that they are in the legal process of determining child support in Atlanta. Keeping relevant officials updated on the court proceedings can help provide stability for one’s children during litigation.

Mistakes to Avoid During the Child Support Process

While going through court proceedings for child support payments, a person should avoid intentionally suppressing their income, delaying or preventing discovery of their financial situation, and threatening the other party. They should also avoid taking extravagant vacations during the process of determining child support in Atlanta. Making one of these mistakes can lead to complications in the process and possible ramifications.

Common Misconceptions About Child Support Payments

A common misconception is that if both parties have joint physical custody, neither party will have to pay any child support. While this would impact the process of determining child support payments, spouses who have the financial means are likely going to be required to pay support regardless of how much parenting time they have.

The Role of an Attorney When Deciding Child Support Payments

An experienced attorney could help a family going through the difficult process of determining child support in Atlanta by keeping them informed during court proceedings and establishing a fair amount based on the needs of the child or children. It is critical to enter this process with the guidance of qualified legal counsel to ensure that your family’s needs are met. Call today for an initial consultation with a seasoned legal professional. Let a skilled lawyer help you with this process.