Modifying Child Support in Atlanta

A person can move to modify child support if there has been a change in the income or financial circumstances of either party or in the children’s needs. An upward or downward modification may be requested if a parent loses a job or gets laid off, or if they get a better job and earn more money. A child who is diagnosed with autism or some other kind of disability which requires special needs can also be a valid reason for modifying child support in Atlanta.

Regardless of your reasons for seeking a change to your child support order, working with a dedicated child support attorney could help you ensure that your family’s needs are met. Let a legal professional assist you with the process of child support modification in Atlanta.

Terminating Child Support Payments

It is possible for child support payments to be terminated. A parent can terminate child support payments by gaining primary physical custody of the child and allowing them to live in their residence. Support would also be terminated if the child gets married before age 18, graduates high school, or passes away.

Support payments cease when a child emancipates or reaches age 18. However, child support would continue if there are multiple children and the oldest reaches age 18. Under those circumstances, it is the responsibility of the non-custodial parent to move forward with modifying child support in Atlanta.

Legally Remarried Parents Impact on Child Support

A recipient parent has to be legally remarried in order for a paying parent to change the child support agreement between them. Modifications may only be based on whether there has been a material change in circumstances or the needs of the child, and remarriage is a valid change which warrants a reexamination of a support order.

Court Involvement in Modifying Child Support

A judge can increase the child support payment amount if there has been a material change in circumstances. Modifying child support in Atlanta involves a two-step process. After all the relevant financial information has been shared, the first step is to determine whether there has been a material change in circumstances, identify exactly what the deviations are, and alter support payments accordingly.

Step two entails determining whether the child support change in the best interests of the child. An experienced attorney would build a case around this issue because the courts take children’s needs seriously and will always prioritize them.

An Attorney Could Help with Child Support Modifications in Atlanta

It can be difficult for someone to do this on their own, so a divorced parent could greatly benefit from retaining a skilled attorney when modifying child support in Atlanta. The average individual may not know what they are doing or what needs to be done for a favorable outcome. Fortunately, an accomplished lawyer will know and could help one achieve a successful solution. Anyone seeking to change a child support order should seek qualified legal counsel for help. Call Marple Rubin Family Law today to have your case examined.