Determining Child Support in Atlanta

The amount which a parent must pay toward the developmental needs of their children is determined by inputting the combined incomes of both parties into official child support worksheets. There are also deviations that can be applied to reduce or increase the amount of child support that one parent pays to another.

The parties to a case are responsible for determining the conditions of a child support agreement, such as the nature and amount thereof. That agreement is then presented to a judge who will either approve the agreement or not. If the court does not approve it, then the parties either go back to the drafting stages or submit the issue for determination. A dedicated attorney could help parents in each step of determining child support in Atlanta. Contact a seasoned child support lawyer today.

How Earning Capacity Can Impact Child Support

Earning capacity is relevant when one party is either historically or temporarily unemployed. Gross income is used to determine child support in Atlanta, and nothing is based on net income. However, if an individual is self-employed, there are deviations to address tax issues. A knowledgeable lawyer could explain to people how their income could impact child support.

Receiving Child Support Prior to Court Date

A person can receive child support before a final settlement or court date in their case at temporary hearings where a lawyer can ask for the non-custodial parent to provide support to the custodial parent. This can be done on a voluntary basis or through a court-ordered hearing.

Fair Assessment of Child Support Payments

A skilled attorney would undergo the discovery process in order to ensure a fair measurement of a parent’s financial situation. During discovery, the parties must produce relevant documents and answer certain questions. If that is not sufficient, legal counsel may subpoena financial institutions, employers, and former employers to get the information they need to determine child support in Atlanta. Therefore, it is essential for individuals to obtain an accomplished lawyer who knows how to navigate throughout the process.

The Role of an Attorney in Determining Child Support in Atlanta

A seasoned lawyer could work with a party during the discovery processes and facilitate subpoenas, depositions, and document productions, to ensure that the appropriate information is presented to the court. Additionally, a forensic accountant may be summoned to trace monies and investigate whether a party’s income is being suppressed.

The main quality a person should look for in a child support attorney is competency. Claimants want to hire a representative who is competent, knows what they are doing, and is familiar with the local court system. Fortunately, a qualified lawyer could help you through the complicated process of determining child support in Atlanta, so schedule a consultation today.